The Author:

Dr. Noordin Darus, a Wellness Crusader for over 20 years, was devastated to find out he had cancer. In this book he shares how his whole world collapsed and how he overcame this life-threatening illness and how you too can win the battle against some of life’s seemingly insurmountable challenges and setbacks.

Dr. Noordin Darus is the founder, Author and Principal Consultant of “The Art Of Total Wellness” and WorldWellness Network. This well known Media Personality in Malaysian TV and Radio as well local newspapers such as The New Straits Times, The Star & Health Magazines is a qualified Medical Doctor and a London-Trained Sports Medicine Specialist. Besides being the former Director of Sports Medicine & Science of the Malaysian National Sports Council and Past President of the Malaysian Assciation of Sport Medicine, he has wide traveled to present papers internationally. He is a renown wellness guru and superb motivator who specializes in the most sought after Well-for-Life Corporate Human Resource Training Programs. He is among the rarest outstading specialists in this field.